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Order & Pricing Info

LiliArte PhotoThank you for your interest in ordering a creative piece of art from LiliArte!

All art is handcrafted by me (Christy) or in collaboration with my daughter, Lili.  Any profit made from LiliArte goes to helping us continue to live, serve, and reach out to the Deaf community of Tegucigalpa, Honduras in Central America.

Pricing is based on several factors: size and content of the art piece, cost of supplies, and the time invested in creating the piece.

The Art Gallery gives you a good idea as to the types of artwork created by LiliArte.  You may choose to order a specific item as it is displayed understanding each item is unique and may vary slightly.  No two items will be exactly the same.  You may also request a custom order and together we will create just the right piece of art for you, a loved one, or a special event.


Contact me to discuss your order and pricing!  We’re ready to make your piece of art special!