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My Cousin Lili

A Note from the Author

Book MockupImagine having a thought and wanting to express it…but you can’t! What if you wanted to say “I love you” and that thought gets trapped in your head because you have no way to communicate it? You have no voice.

When I was five years old, my aunt became the mom of Lili and I became her cousin.  Lili was a young girl with autism and non-verbal.  She flapped things, twirled, and hummed. I realized that she was trying to communicate. So, I would sit with her as we flapped, twirled, and hummed for hours just to have a “conversation” with Lili. We became the best of friends. This special relationship with Lili inspired me to focus on meeting the needs of children with disabilities to be able to communicate their thoughts.  I am currently attending Wichita State University majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders in hopes of becoming a Speech and Language Pathologist.

I will forever be grateful for Lili’s impact in my life.  I wanted to write the book, My Cousin Lili, to honor her.

I’m excited to join Lili and her mom on a book tour this summer when the book is released in July.  Stay tuned for more information.

~ Amy Lightfoot

My Cousin Lili available on Amazon in both English and Spanish (Mi Prima Lili) versions…

Click here to purchase English version:
My Cousin Lili

Click here to purchase Spanish version:
Mi Prima Lili