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Deaf Ministry in Honduras

WW Slider 9In 2015, after having spent 15 years in Honduras already serving in the Deaf community, I embarked on a new season in ministry.  New Life Deaf Ministry, a ministry I founded as an independent non-profit organization in 2003 in the US and in Honduras, along with Honduran and North American leaders, has served as a wonderful path for many to serve our Father in evangelizing, educating, and equipping the Deaf community of Honduras. A completely Deaf led church is now thriving in the capital city of Honduras, Tegucigalpa and Happy Hands School serves Deaf children (pre-K thru 9th grade) on a daily basis in an accredited academic school program built on a foundation of Godly love.

Christy with kidsIn 2014, we made the transition to close the Stateside organization and hand the ministry over to full Honduran leadership. Praise be to the Lord for the grace and provision He has provided in all circumstances … both in trials and triumphs.

Honduran leadership holds a special place in my heart. My first year here in 1999, the need for both Deaf and hearing Honduran leaders was clear and thus began many wonderful years training and developing leaders. I am so pleased to see Honduran believers taking up ownership and responsibility for the future of Happy Hands School and Deaf ministry. It is a beautifully humbling experience to see some of the fruits of these years of service already coming to fruition as I begin a new season working alongside national leaders in the Deaf Community.

I now serve as project manager (administrative support) and facilitator with translations teams within the Deaf led Bible Translations Project – LESHO (Honduran Sign Language).  The Project has established and is currently working with a National Council of Deaf Christian leaders throughout Honduras to develop/standardize Biblical vocabulary (books of the Bible, people, places, basic Bible words, etc.).  Translations teams are also working on translating the first few chapters of Genesis and Luke.

If you would like to partner with Lili and I as a missionary family, please contact me for more information.