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About Christy & Lili

My name is Christy. I’m a follower of Christ and learning more everyday what that means. I want my life to represent my love for Him, my desire to be His faithful servant, and to be more about Him than it is about me. I acknowledge I fall short of this each and every day which leaves me so grateful for His grace beyond anything I deserve or could ever earn.

Since October 1999, I have been serving as a missionary in the Deaf Community of Tegucigalpa, Honduras (that’s in Central America in case you are wondering). After 15 years moving down a specific ministry path (setting up and running a school for Deaf children among other things), I recently made a shift turning the ministry over to some wonderful Christ followers and full Honduran leadership, a long-term vision that I am most pleased has come to fruition.

I am beginning a new season in ministry, still serving mostly within the Deaf community, focusing on continued needs in Honduras and using my skills in areas of passion! I can’t wait to really dive into all of it and look forward to sharing with you as we go.

photo 1

Our first picture! Day 3 of my visits to see Lili in the burn unit. She had already been there 6 weeks. At age 11, this picture is what I call my “baby picture” of Lili.

I first met my daughter, Lili, in the burn unit of a hospital in Tegucigalpa. Six months before meeting her just after my move to Honduras, I had a dream that God was going to give me a little girl but I couldn’t see her face. In the summer of 2000, Lili came home with me. She was 11 years old, not walking and weighed just 31 pounds.

Lili, now in her twenties, is still non-verbal but she walks, runs, smiles, giggles and loves a good hearty meal (eats anything) and water (waterfall, shower, swimming pool, faucet, rain, any water). I am convinced God is using Lili in mighty ways. It’s hard not to smile when you are with Lili. I have seen her bring joy to many around her.

Lili painting canvas blueSometimes life is hard and things take drastic turns (in our own human eyes) when we least expect it. This has happened in my life on more than one (or a dozen) occasion(s). But God remains faithful. Over the past couple of years, God has been teaching me much about balance, relationships, and creativity. After a dark time in my life, a time of hard but God glorifying healing, and some life changes, I began investing some of my heart and time in art. A Godly friend has encouraged me much along the way. It’s been a wonderful process. I have prayed for ways to incorporate Lili in the process as well as she inspired LiliArte!  Feel free to check in on the Art Journey page as I share some of mine and Lili’s art and creative experiences!