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On loving a country in crisis

Tegucigalpa city picTensions are high here in Honduras following Sunday’s presidential election.  Five days later and hours from a final vote announcement, both sides are still claiming victory.  The country is in a crisis situation that is expected to worsen once final results are in.

I am a foreigner here.  This is also my home.  This is the country of my daughter.  Honduras is where our life is and will be.  And yet there are times such as today when I become fully aware that it’s going to be harder than the normal hard here for a time.  I struggle to share from my perspective what is happening.

I want my friends and family in the States to understand the situation here as much as one can from afar.  And yet I don’t want to scare people or over sensationalize what is going on.  This isn’t a movie.  It’s real and it’s hard and yet I am in this boat with a lot of people I love dearly.

I have Honduran friends who have served God alongside me for almost two decades.  I love them dearly.  I am inspired by them.  We have been through a lot together.  They are on both sides of this conflict.  My heart’s desire is to respect and love and support them as they express deep concern for the future of their country.

There are other missionaries and North Americans here as well who are new to the country and this all seems very scary.  Others were here in 2009, when the current president was ousted and protests/riots ensued.  I was here in 2009, and this does bring a lot up from that time.  I remember the uncertainty day-to-day.  I remember the riots and planning life around those protesting.  I remember seeing the pain and worry in my Honduran friends’ eyes. I remember the sweet times of prayer for this beautiful country!

I will not speak of political rights or wrongs here.  I will not post the pictures of violence and destruction.  But I will say that the situation here is very serious.  There are protests/riots, both peaceful and violent.  Property has been destroyed in various parts of the country.  Roads are being blocked with burning tires, trees limbs, and rocks.  There have been some injuries of those actively involved in the protests.  The police and military are out in full-force and are clashing with protesters.  There was a short reprieve this morning, however by this afternoon, more than 30 areas around the city have active street blockages and protests happening.  This will most likely increase into the night and tomorrow.

The heaviest events have and will continue to happen here in the capital city (Tegucigalpa) where I live.  For me personally, Lili and I have plenty of food and water.  Although protests are near our neighborhood on main streets around us, we are in a neighborhood that is safe and not on a main passage for protests/riots.  We will stay home for the next couple of days and keep informed about the situation.  It is possible that electricity and internet lines may be cut in order to cut down on riots and violence (keep people from forming large demonstrations or being provoked to act violently).  Although this is very difficult and cuts us off from friends and information, it is for our safety.  We are prepared.

To my Honduran brothers and sisters in Christ, fellow missionaries, and friends and families from the States who love the Lord: We are all on ONE side.  It is hard if not impossible to see what the outcome of all this will be both in the short- and long-term for Honduras and for each of us individually.  But we serve one GOD and he is GOD of ALL!  He reigns forever!  No matter where we are geographically in this moment, let us join hearts together and pray HIS WILL be done.  He is worthy of our praise and thanksgiving in this very moment.  And to God be all the glory now and forevermore.





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