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You Might be a Missionary if …

honduras stock picI’ve been on the mission field for almost eighteen years.  Believe me, it changes you.  In lots and lots of good ways.  Sometimes, it changes you in not so good ways.  God’s grace is needed each and every day for sure.  But it’s not all serious.  There are some funny things, thought processes and new “normals” that come along with being a missionary.  Here’s the top ten all-time list of “You Might be a Missionary if…” statements I’ve heard over the years from fellow missionaries, blogs, posts, articles, etc.  I’m personalizing my list geographically.

You might be a missionary in Honduras if …

#10 – you buy cell phone minutes at the gas station.  Triple saldo (triple minutes) day is the best.

#9 – when in the States, you are nervous about following speed limits and traffic laws because you now drive like a Honduran (you may also wonder why people don’t want to let you borrow their car!).

#8 – it takes you several days being back in the States to remember to put the toilet paper in the toilet instead of the wastebasket (but you feel weird about it now).

#7 – you understand in the States, “coke in a bag” is one thing… but in Honduras, it is literally a plastic bag with coca cola in it and a straw to drink it with.

#6 – you regularly forget English words you grew up knowing a hundred times over … and now you are replacing those once well-known words with random Spanish words (or in my case Honduran Sign Language).

#5 – you know a wedding that starts at 4 p.m. means start getting ready at 5 p.m. and show up anytime between 6 and 7 p.m. to get a good seat.

#4 – a few doors down at the pulperia (Honduran convenience stores built in the front portions of peoples’ homes), you can buy one egg and a single stick of butter (and a coca cola in a plastic bag with a straw … see #7).

#3 – you talk about “home” and you are referring to Honduras (definitely me).

#2 – you see other gringos and you think “huh, what are THEY doing here?”

#1 – You regularly call other North Americans “gringos”.


  1. Jana Goad says:

    Oh my, you made my day! All of the above! Sometimes I wonder if my birthparents were Catrachos.

    • Christy Owen says:

      Haha. Some days … well, lots of days, can be hard so it’s nice to remember the fun quirky things we are blessed to experience in this beautiful country called Honduras!

  2. Love love love this! I laughed out loud as I know I have my own little “gringa from Boston ” folder in your files 💕