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Stuck in the 90’s …

… but ready for 2015!

Hello everyone!

photo (43)I’m new to the blogging scene, really new, like so new that this is my very first blog post … ever! As I’m writing this I am already starting to giggle at myself. Am I nervous? Embarrassed? Being silly thinking I can write a blog post? Probably all three. So with sweaty hands, a nervous/excited smile on my face, and God’s gentle nudging to keep my fingers on the keyboard … I write.

A couple of years ago a new young missionary came to serve with me in ministry here in Honduras. As I was showing her the ropes and how we do things around here, she finally commented one day, “You are so stuck in the 90’s!” She was speaking to my technology savvy … or lack thereof. It caught me off guard at first but I soon realized how true that statement was.

You see, technologically speaking (and probably in many other ways as well), I’ve been stuck in the 90’s since, well, the 90’s!

It makes perfect sense though. Let me explain. In the mid-90’s I was working at a university in Arkansas and enjoying the world of emails and even email lists (big back then) amongst my colleagues. I produced a training video (VHS format) and thought that was pretty cool. I even had a cell phone (I think).

But in 1999, God and I took a whole new path (probably not new to Him but definitely new to me), and I moved to the Central American city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras where I continue to reside with my daughter, Lili.  And thus was stunted in my developmental growth in the area of mainstream technology and communication advances.

My first year here, I had spotty dial-up email at the ministry office.  And in my apartment, it took one year to get a land-line phone. I had no internet, no cable, no cell phone, no nothing for quite some time. However, I must say in defense of this country I have grown to love, I’ve seen great strides here in Honduras this past decade. And I now gratefully enjoy hi-speed internet, cell phones, and more which allow me great access to people all over the world.

And thanks to some good and a bit geeky friends and family, I’ve been catching up over the past few years using Facebook, an iPhone, and sharing my very first blog post on my new website.

For me, this blog and website is about exactly what LiliArte’s tagline says: sharing life, art, and God’s love. 2015 marks a new season in ministry for me as I shift focus and my roles/activities change. It also marks a new season for me personally. A season where I am passionately seeking to find balance and God-breathed purpose as I do this thing called life. I’ve been on the mission field for 15 years. I’ve experienced some deep dark hurts and difficult times in life. I’m a single mom of a special needs adult-child. But more than all of that, I’m a child of God and even my very next breath doesn’t come without His grace.   And in the midst of this transition period and a time of healing, I have discovered a new passion for art and creativity.  I invite each of you to join me on this journey and I hope that in some small way this blog will encourage you on your own life’s journey as well. Feel free to read about how Lili came into my life, my ministry work, and peruse the art gallery at May God’s grace, peace, and joy be the beat of your heart this new year!


  1. Molly Owen says:

    this is great what a wonderful way to share, good job

  2. Lisa Mcghghy jungheim says:

    Excited to follow your story! Great first post. You were made to write!