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New Children's Book: On Sale July 8, 2017

My Cousin Lili

This sweet new children’s book written by Christy’s niece and sister (Amy & Sally Lightfoot) is the story of how Lili inspired Amy to love and work with children with disabilities. The book highlights Lili’s uniqueness in a beautiful way and is illustrated by Teofilo Padilla who is Deaf and Honduran.

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Life in Honduras

My life is a beautiful and often times messy mix of motherhood, ministry, mishaps, and milestones.  I am a full-time missionary serving within the Deaf community of Tegucigalpa, Honduras; a single mom of a high special needs adult child who is also Honduran; a wannabe artist who enjoys hosting paint events for other missionaries and friends, and above all, a most imperfect servant of the Lord.

Years ago, I managed a ministry web-site keeping my ministry work and personal life separate… if there is such a thing.  I always struggled to decide what was what.  Having been on the mission field for almost two decades now, I finally came to the realization that my ministry and personal life overlap a great deal and, well, I love it that way!  I embrace and celebrate that here on this site!

LiliArte is not my ministry site nor is it my personal blog site.  It is simply my “Life in Honduras” site and encompasses the challenges and joys of living in a third-world country, raising my daughter (Lili), serving with the Deaf community, and creative endeavors such as Paint with Friends Events (check out the ART JOURNEY page for this summer’s travel schedule in the U.S.) and a children’s book written called My Cousin Lili.

Feel free to take a look around!!